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Thursday, February 11, 2010

You are responsible to your own actions.

We do things impulsively and eventually regret it at the end. Is this stupidity or it's just a human instinct to do things abruptly with out thinking of the consequences along with it.

One person that is close to my heart discovered that he is sick. A kind of sickness that modern medicine hasn't find cure yet. Yes He acquired Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

HIV is a lenti virus a member of retrovirus that causes acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) The virus targets the immune system; to be specific a vital cell called CD4+ T. The body tries to fight the virus by eliminating the infected CD4 cells, but the virus multiplies faster than the body's ability to replace the damaged cells. It results to drastic loss of these important immune cells, as a result the body loses its ability to fight diseases then opportunistic infections will kick in. These infections are the one's causes life-threatening complications and eventually death.

HIV can be considered as one of the chronic diseases, it's a lasting disease or medical condition that has developed slowly, life expectancy of a person that is infected by HIV is 10 to 15 years. Well at least with the help of antiviral therapy. It's a little complicated to explain due to my limited medical comprehension. What I know about this therapy is; it's goal is to maintain cd4 count to at least safe level so that the body can fight common viruses. Hmmm. just like how a diabetic injects insulin regularly to maintain normal level of blood sugar.

The most important thing to know about this medical condition is how it is acquired. It transmits through unsafe sex, contaminated needle, breast milk, transmission from a mother to her baby at birth, and once upon a time through blood transfusion which is very rare at this time. Most of the victims acquired it by exchanging body fluids through unsafe sex and the receptive partner has the higher chances acquiring the virus than the insertive partner, regardless of this using condom is the best way of lessening the chances of acquiring it, or if you can; abstinence is the best (wooohhh look who's talking).

There you have it, It can not be transmitted just by talking to HIV infected people nor holding their hands nor regular body contacts, so we don't have to cast them away. No one deserves to be sick, they didn't wish for it and having this condition is already an emotional and mental torture. What they need is understanding, acceptance and love. They are still the same person, nothing had changed.

This person, helped me more than I am trying to help him. He inspired me, and obviously he is my inspiration in writing this blog. I just feel like I should do something to help him and others by spreading the awareness about this medical condition. We can not fully understand how HIV victims feel, we can just see or sense a fraction of their suffering, I know it is not easy. just imagine your self opening an envelop that says you are HIV positive, try to imagine how would you feel, how would you react and how would you want someone to be with you and comfort you. The images of the past and the assumed future will flicker in your mind 200 frames per second and the message from the envelop will slowly sink in as the seconds come by. You'll wish that you will wake up from this nightmare and slowly you'll realize that this is reality. You'll some how regret the things that you've done but that will not help nor change your situation. Just imagine...

Let us fight HIV/AIDS, lets help spread social awareness on how this can be prevented. Help the victim by showing our support, we should stop the mediocrity and prejudices...BE EDUCATED.

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